Adults with Chronic Disease


National Council on Aging

Better Choices, Better Health-Diabetes – an online, self-paced class developed by Stanford University.

Harvard University

Tips to prevent development of Type 2 diabetes.

Medline Plus

Brief explanation of diabetes. Includes more academic resources discussing topics related to diabetes.

National Institute of Health

Covers an array of topics like food choices, dieting, weight loss, physical activity, vitamin supplements, etc. for individuals with diabetes.

American Diabetes Association

Diabetic meal plans made easy.

University of Illinois

Recipe database with search function. Specifically focused on meals that are appropriate for diabetic individuals.

Ohio State University Extension

Various materials for OSU-Extension’s Dining with Diabetes program.

University of California, San Fransisco

An infographic designed for those with diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) explaining various topics related to carbohydrates. Information covers digestion, carbohydrate exchanges, reading nutrition labels and more.



American Institute for Cancer Research

Resources for you and your patients, including infographics, healthy recipes, BMI calculator and more.



World Health Organization

Information about the prevalence of obesity, causes and impacts of obesity, and WHO’s response/recommendations.


Mixed Topics:

Eat Right Pro

Infographic showing prevalence of various chronic diseases.

Michigan State University Cooperative Extension

Nutrition tips for various chronic diseases.

Center for Disease Control

Links to information about managing various chronic diseases.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Chronic disease prevention programs available through Wisconsin DHS.

National Council on Aging

Better Choices, Better Health – an online, self-paced class that covers topics related to self-management of chronic disease.