Older age brings many changes that make healthy eating and living more difficult. You can help your class participants overcome these obstacles with increased knowledge and creative solutions.

Nutrition Education:


Links to nutrition education resources.

Office of the Surgeon General

Official document on healthy aging.


Recommended resources focused on senior health.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Links to resources on nutritional health for seniors.

National Institute on Aging

Information on fluid consumption.

National Institute on Aging

Health blog focused on senior lifestyles.

USDA – Older Individuals

Guidance on nutritional concerns, healthy eating, and physical activity for older adults.


Links to resources for various topics related to health in old age.


MyPlate adapted for older adults.

University of Florida Cooperative Extension

MyPlate adapted for older adults.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease

Discussion of ranging issues (nutrition, physical activity, etc.) related to senior health.


Eat Smart Live Strong curriculum designed for adults 60-75 years old.


Food Education:

National Council on Aging

Videos and information on healthy food selection.

National Council on Aging

Complete curriculum on food selection, food budgeting, cooking demonstrations, and more.

National Institute on Aging

Information on food selection.

USDA – MyPlate

Beverage choice recommendations.

USDA – MyPlate

Links to meal planning tips for all populations.



National Institute on Aging

Information on physical activity in older adulthood.



Wisconsin Institute on Healthy Aging (WIHA)

Information on programs to support healthy aging in adults, including topics like managing chronic conditions like diabetes, preventing falls, and walking programs for those with arthritis. Find instructions on how to register to become a leader and provide these programs in your community.

Federal Interagency Forum on Aging Related Statistics

Statistics related to aging.